3 Questions About Selectable Objects

13 February 2015 07:59
At last, a quick and easy question Can an object's (node) material attributes, say transparency for example, be animated for a selected object, or does this only work with transformations? I did a test and only got one of these to work.

Also - using the "interactive web application" as a starting point - is it possible to set such a scene so that the user can trigger all three animations at the same time? Similarly, would it be possible to have selecting one object trigger an animation in another?
13 February 2015 09:36
First - yep, you can) We support animation of node value (as in Blender - just set the keys with I)

And value can be plugged in every grey input - such as color mix factor or alpha or others :)

And second - yeah, you can see it in the Christmas Card - but there is some coding required
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