Black Canvas in some PC (Chrome Browser)

10 March 2017 20:45
I'm not sure if this was flagged already.
I'm developing a demo for our team and send it out for my colleagues to look at the demo. See Demo1.png

On two PC's running Windows 7 we are experiencing rendering issues. All PC's are running Chrome 56. We see a black screen with only a blinking part. See Demo2.png

If anyone had this issue, please let me know what could cause this and what can be done to resolve it. (Using another browser is not an option as it is very complicated to have something installed-IT wise and procedures)

10 March 2017 21:52
Could you tell us about PC, where this issue happens, in more details (model of GPU)?
And could you make a screenshot of this page

on these devices?
10 March 2017 22:50
Thanks Roman for the fast response.

WebGL 2.0 is reporting video driver error. Could this be the cause? Video driver?
13 March 2017 14:26

Video driver?

It seems so, but could you tell me the model of video card ?
13 March 2017 15:34
Hello Roman,

Our PC's are very basic ones. They are equipped with on board GPU.
Video Adapter Intel(R) 4 Series Internal Chipset (3880752 KB)

Attached is the PC's report on Hardware.

14 March 2017 10:30
This cpu is rather old (2008) but we'll try to find this architecture and test your case. Thanks for the feedback
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