iMac Chrome 57

20 March 2017 14:06
Hello there,

Just in case you didn't know about this, we have two Mac computers to test B4W and with the latest Chrome update to version 57 one of them does not render WebGL (no demos, not even
Both use AMD Radeon HD Graphics cards, the one that works is 6970, the one that doesn't is 6750, which I would say is the only remarkable difference.
It was working perfectly until now, Safari and Firefox still work well.
I just wanted to share the info with you guys, maybe you fint it useful.

Great work with the last release by the way!
20 March 2017 18:40

We do not have a similar configuration at hand, so can not test it ourselves right now.
In the latest Chrome WebGL 2.0 was turned on by default. There might be some issues with this GPU.
You can try disabling it. Go to the chrome://flags tab and switch the WebGL 2.0 flag to "disabled".
21 March 2017 11:23

Thanks for the response.
I tried that flag, but didn't work.
I am quite sure it is some kind of bug with this specific GPU.
Damn Chrome, it was going so well…
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