Canvas width and height too small

01 April 2017 00:47

Curious about one more thing as it looks like you have a vast knowledge of Blend4Web. Is it possible to create pointclouds or particles using a custom javascript library like SparkJS? I mean take the threejs rendering out and replacing with Blend4web.

Thereby If there is a pointcloud library in Blend4web I can run the spark js particle library and update the position of point clouds manually. I already started a topic on this discussion
but sadly nobody seems to be answering it. Hence trying to seek your help if your time permits.


03 April 2017 14:38

I've answered in the original topic
29 April 2017 18:02

I still have a similar issues so I've thought to add here a short description.
I do try to integrate an exported html which work ok in adminlte theme

<section class="content">
<div class="row">
<div id="main_canvas_container" style="width:100%; height:100%;" class="col-md-12 col-sm-12 col-xs-12">

tried also without adding like

<section class="content">
<div class="row">
<div class="col-md-12 col-sm-12 col-xs-12">
<div id="main_canvas_container"></div>

but in both case I just got a smaller rendering area than I was expecting

Can you see where I do wrong
29 April 2017 18:12
After rendering main_canvas_container get rendered with a style of width:320px;
If I remove in firebug the width, then it takes all the expected width, but if I try to remove the height, everything including the width is put back on 320px respectively on the initial value

Any idea why or how to prevent this happening ?
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