Trying to make HTC Vive Works

21 April 2017 13:08
I downloaded the 17.4 blend4web version and I try to test the exemple from the code_snippets.

But it didn't work.
Is there any specific step to do ?

Thank you very much
21 April 2017 14:02
What browser do you use? Currently WebVR works only on Firefox Nightly and on Chromium special build.
UPD: we use Firefox Nightly 55.0a1 (2017-04-19) (64-bit)
21 April 2017 15:50
Hello !
Ow I did'nt know that !!!
It works perfectly with the version you gave me :

It's so awesome ! You guy made a fantastic job !!!!!!
21 April 2017 16:01
Thanks, you can use the latest Firefox Nightly, it should work fine
12 September 2017 00:15
I try the VR example from the code_snippets on my VIVE on Firefox 5.5 and it works great!
Well done.

Now I would like to use the VIVE gamepads to "SELECT object" like I did with the
B4W LogicNodeTree: where I use a SwitchSelect node to intercept a "SELECT object" action
and than I link it to a MoveCamera node.

Are there B4W LogicNodes that interacts with the gamepads?
12 September 2017 07:29
Hi JorBlend. Welcome to the forum.
There are currently no logic nodes that are activated by buttons on the Vive controllers. I will have to do some experimenting to see if I can trigger the Switch Select node by hitting an object with one of the controller lasers. In the mean time, I just did a post about activating logic nodes from your JavaScript. You can read it here.
12 September 2017 23:32
Thanks Will
I read your Post about logic nodes:
the The Move Camera node is the one I would like to "trigger" by hitting an object with one of the controller lasers
13 September 2017 16:36
It will be somewhat different because the camera position is actually controlled by the HMD position. So instead of moving the camera we will need to move (teleport) the relative position. There is no Logic node for this but we can make a custom JavaScript callback node. I have some other projects stacking up right now but eventually I will want to do a good VR project that has features like this.
14 September 2017 00:20
Exactly: we need a "teleport" to move the relative position so that I could move my VR viewpoint
in the space.
I see this example
where hitting a "hotspot" you could move trough the exibition.

14 September 2017 01:07
It is currently set up so if you hit the little button above the thumb pad, it will teleport you to the location where the laser is hitting the floor.
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