Trying to make HTC Vive Works

21 April 2017 13:08
I downloaded the 17.4 blend4web version and I try to test the exemple from the code_snippets.

But it didn't work.
Is there any specific step to do ?

Thank you very much
21 April 2017 14:02
What browser do you use? Currently WebVR works only on Firefox Nightly and on Chromium special build.
UPD: we use Firefox Nightly 55.0a1 (2017-04-19) (64-bit)
21 April 2017 15:50
Hello !
Ow I did'nt know that !!!
It works perfectly with the version you gave me :

It's so awesome ! You guy made a fantastic job !!!!!!
21 April 2017 16:01
Thanks, you can use the latest Firefox Nightly, it should work fine
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