Blend4Web 17.04 Released

26 April 2017 16:29
We are glad to present a new release of Blend4Web. Highlights of 17.04: HTC Vive controllers, new bloom, smoother LOD-switching, Cycles background nodes, upgraded Normal Editor, WebAssembly and gzip compression!
The Founder | Twitter
30 April 2017 10:46
Hmmm, my HTC Vive arrives on Thursday. This is going to be fun
02 May 2017 22:07
Thought I would pass this along. An article that relates well to Blend4Web:
Blend4Web takes the approach that the scene is the same. Each device is like a different size of window to view the same 3D space. I see that same approach transitioning well into WebVR.
03 May 2017 13:00
Hi Will,
Thanks for sharing the link. Very interesting and inspiring article!
The Founder | Twitter
05 May 2017 06:46
What browser should I use for working with the HTC Vive?
I am working on a Windows 10 machine.
Chrome or Firefox nightly build?
05 May 2017 10:31
Hi Will, this is well described here:
WebVR Rocks
WebVR Info
Blend4Web Team
06 May 2017 07:32
Awesome, thanks. I am working on a mixed reality studio that has a second virtual camera perspective composited with the real person in the VR experience, This is being done in VR gaming but I think there is a way to do it with the Chromium VR ready browser. If I get it working I will do the Blend4Web VR demo with it.
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