WebM video texture not working on Android

01 May 2017 19:33

I have just tried out the dynamic textures code demo on Android using Samsung Browser and Chrome.

For some reason it cannot play the video back.

I have attached a screenshot.


01 May 2017 19:37
I have noticed that the blender.altconv.webm plays back in Chrome on Android but not the blender.webm which I believe it is loading.

It looks like a file associations issue on Samsung devices, mine is the S6.

Actually, I can play the blender.webm file inside Chrome, but the actual dynamic texture demo shows a blank side of the cube instead of the video texture.
02 May 2017 18:51
This video doesn't start on mobile devices because it requires an user action to start.
If you add an interface button and start the video on click callback, it will work well.
We haven't supported it because it's a code snippet, it should be simple
07 May 2017 13:02
Thanks, I didn't realise.
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