Camera clipping problem with animated objects

04 May 2017 01:40
Hi everybody,
I've attached a blend file with a simple animation and weird results. I don't know if it's a bug or I am missing something in the scene setup. I will try to explain it with my elementary english.
I'm using the last version of blend4web(ce_17_04). Camera clipping is set to 1mm to 100m. All animations are controlled by logic nodes.
There are three cubes red, blue and white.
Clicking the blue cube plays the white cube animation: rotation on X axis
Clicking the red cube plays the blue cube animation + camera animation: position translation on Z axis.
Two strange things happen:
-with the blue cube animation at the end, the blue cube seems clipped. Zooming out I can see it, but zooming near the object it disappears. Oddly if I try to zoom from the top it appears again and I can reach the nearest distance.
-the blue cube after its animation, is no more clickable except from top view position
Thanks in advance
Blend4web rocks!
04 May 2017 11:12
This is a known problem. It's not related to the camera clipping settings, but to the frustum culling optimization. It can affect objects with skeletal/vertex animation and shape keys.
The easiest way to fix this is to check the "Disable Frustum Culling" option in the Object->Rendering Properties panel.
04 May 2017 11:45
Hi Ivan. Thank you for the reply. I should have posted in the newbie questions.
I didn't know about it. I disabled the frustum culling and now everythings perfect.
Thank you again.
Blend4web rocks!
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