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23 February 2015 11:51
This is my mind:

This is Example:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true" onmousewheel=""></iframe>

This is My question:

B4W Can better achieve it. How to do it ?
23 February 2015 15:28
Well, you can achieve this using NLA functional: out new features here allow hiding and revealing objects. Or you can animate material alpha to make revealing animation smoother :)
23 February 2015 17:23
Very glad to meet you Pavel Kotov
I try to use this simple model test (my own model), but I failed, the reason is because I don't understand the NLA script

Here is this model Download

Can you teach me do this demo,I very much hope to have a feel B4W out, that would be very nice!
24 February 2015 12:35
Okay, you did almost everything :) But there are some problems.

1 - every animation must have Location and Rotation keys, too, I explained here (3rd section) why is that so
2 - you had a material on the text, but no faces were assigned to it. If you press f12 you can see this warning in the console.
3 - righat now when you use NLA it starts from the frame selected in Blender. I mean if your frame cursor is set on frame 15, NLA script will also start from frame 15. So we need to set it to zero.
4 - you had Object -> Apply Scale on the text. It is more "powerful" than animation so it always retained the same scale.
5 - when you use "Select and [something]" you need to add another NLA script slot - Jump [back to the beginning]. It is for situations when you clicked on another object - NLA script in this situation will read the operation that wasn't specified and will just stop not knowing what to do. And when we add Jump at the end - no matter what operation took place it always will be waiting for your specified animation - in our case, "Select and Play B4W-Logo"
By the way, turning ON the flag "Cyclic NLA" does the same, actually :)

So look through my .blend and .html files - I just corrected what is written above and renamed (CTRL+M) markers to 1 and 2 for easier work :)

Hope it'll help


25 February 2015 08:22
Very helpful with Demo, I understand

In our case ,How to let annotate have been towards the camera
25 February 2015 11:40
Well, here is some coding needed: I think on Sketchfab those annotations were made using HTML. But you can use a trick, look

I made the plane and the text billboards (object ->blend4web->billboards) and turned Preserve global orientation and scale flag on - so our animation can now work with them. And then I made the materials transparent by the normal mask - so they will fade when the camera will rotate. So now we got a simple node material. Here it is:

And I added "hiding" animation and a new slot so it is now possible to hide an announcement


25 February 2015 16:45
Each question can learn a lot of new knowledge, thanks+++! But do not want to delay your development schedule.

Begin to see the Blend4Web 15.02 Released, Integrate Blend4Web-specific nodes and more functions.
so happy! Great! Love B4W.

My biggest concern now is the B4W annotations, below is my personal feeling,:

Of course, NLA Script and not specifically for the annotations provide solutions, it will have more useful.
Only hope to bring you more inspiration!

I even naively hoped to join the mouse events and for object Class joins CSS control, of course, that is not necessarily correct, B4W will of course be better solutions.

Finally, Blend4Web-specific nodes exists in the form of Group, but some nodes in only after Input Output, for example: B4W_VECTOR_VIEW NORMAL_VIEW, function is how to realize, understand?

Thank you again for your hard work, bring us a lot of happiness.
25 February 2015 17:11
double side lighting not working


setting not Correct?
25 February 2015 18:52
Hmm, it's an interesting comparison. Yeah, we got the meaning - and actually gonna focus on this theme. Not telling that it will be available very soon, but it definitely is in our to-do list!

Nodes without anything except input-output are only for the engine. They are, like, the command to the engine to use function B4W_VECTOR_VIEW or something like this :) Here you can read what those nodes do.

And about double sided lighting - if I understood correctly, you just need to turn backface culling off. Double-sided lighting works only with lighting - so plane surfaces will receive lightning like they have normals on both sides.

And also for things like this I recommend using Alpha Sort :)

I painted in red all the settings that were changed:
02 April 2015 11:03
Annotations are available since version 15.03.
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