Can we create mobile android app?

12 May 2017 09:03
Im new to ask the question. This is my 1st question. With Blender game engine we can create game for android. Can we create mobile app like prototyping way. I want my app to just in a link way. For example on clicking to date it should open a new page with flipping animation and display the information for that page. And if provide audio and video in the list it should display and play. Is it possible to make a 2d android app with Blender. If it is possible then how it works. Any tutorial or article can help. Can we create at last exporting .apk file. Is there any tutorial for help or any suggestion. Thanks
12 May 2017 11:13
Hello! And welcome to our forum!

As far as I know, official Blender has many restriction on exporting BGE games to mobile devices, and in most cases it is impossible (to Android in particular). It also has no multitouch and of course it is not able to work with web pages.

Blend4Web is not depend on BGE. Moreover Blend4Web is based on HTML 5 feature called WebGL, thus it is compatible with any other feature of HTML 5. You can make web pages and insert your 3d applications in these pages. Check these beautiful web apps. Blend4Web also supports video and audio. You can use Logic editor for playing audio, there is no programming required.

From your html pages you can build APK. Try these tools: Intel XDK, Crosswalk. With intel XDK it's easy to do.

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask .
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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