Array of lamps

26 May 2017 18:14
Is this supported ?
I did created 4 arrays of lamps parented to 4 planes in the corner of the building.
In blender is rendered ok but the export is not showing all the lamps effect :)

With kind regards

28 May 2017 04:27
How man total lamps do you have?
I believe Blend4Web will only show shadows from four lights total.

"Up to 4 (or 3 if SSAO is enabled) light sources can generate shadows simultaneously. If Shadow parameter is enabled for more than 4 light sources, shadows will still be generated only from 4 of them."

Read about it here.
30 May 2017 10:29
Hi! Blend4Web supports only the Group duplication method. The example uses "Verts", so it won't work.
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