3D Object move according to mouse movement x and y coordinate..

07 June 2017 13:04
Sorry sir,
this one does not work when i top right object to move in center.
07 June 2017 13:05
i write this line,

var point = m_math.line_plane_intersect(FLOOR_PLANE_NORMAL, 1, _pline_tmp, _vec3_tmp3);

it work perfectly. but i can't understand this 1 meaning.
07 June 2017 14:21
The 1 is how far away from the origin or center.
So if it is 0, the FLOOR_PLANE_NORMAL will be located at the center of origin,

In your project, do you want to move objects around a room? Or do you want to move objects on a wall?
07 June 2017 14:30
Sir, i want to move object according to mouse movement in world space not plane.
In cartoon_interior.html example move it place surface, but i want to move object in any room any space.
07 June 2017 15:08
I think I understand. I believe we need to make the FLOOR_PLANE_NORMAL follow the cameras movement. So every time you start dragging an object it will follow a flat plane that is parented to the camera.
Right now it is positioned as the floor but we need to do some math so it is vertical like a wall and always faces the camera.
This is a fun puzzle but I may have to get back to it later. I need to get my kids to school.
Maybe one of the nice devs will give us a hint.
07 June 2017 15:15
Question for one of the Blen4Web team if you have time:
m_math.line_plane_intersect(FLOOR_PLANE_NORMAL, 0, _pline_tmp, _vec3_tmp3);

Is there any code like line_plane_intersect that will intersect an object like a plane object in the scene?
07 June 2017 18:57
Can i use m_trans.move_local(obj, dx, dy, dz) for moving objects according to mouse position?
but i can't undertand dx and how to calculate dx value? Any idea sir.

07 June 2017 19:17
I don't think this will move objects on a flat plane perpendicular to your camera.

I am working with append_stiff_viewport(obj, camobj, positioning)

And then remove(obj) on the mouse up function.

The problem is I am not making the StiffViewportPositioning object correctly because I am getting:
B4W ERROR: append_stiff_viewport: Wrong positioning params

I have tried a couple ways. Currently I have:
var viewport_pos = {};
            viewport_pos.left = x;
   = y;
            viewport_pos.distance = 3;

I think we are getting close though LOL.
07 June 2017 20:17
Okay, my mouse position needed to scale. So I got it working except for rotation. But I think we can fix that. I am working with the Cartoon Interior code. Here is the whole main_canvas_move function as I now have it:

function main_canvas_move(e) {
    if (_drag_mode)
        if (_selected_obj) {
            // disable camera controls while moving the object
            if (_enable_camera_controls) {
                _enable_camera_controls = false;

            // calculate viewport coordinates
            var cam = m_scenes.get_active_camera();

            var x = m_mouse.get_coords_x(e);
            var y = m_mouse.get_coords_y(e);
            //create StiffViewportPositioning object
            var viewport_pos = {};
                viewport_pos.left = x/1500;
       = y/1500;
                viewport_pos.distance = 2;

            //var m_cons  = require("constraints"); added above
            //m_cons.append_stiff_viewport(obj, camobj, positioning)
            //m_cons.remove(_selected_obj); added in main_canvas_up function to release object.

            if (x >= 0 && y >= 0) {
                x -= _obj_delta_xy[0];
                y -= _obj_delta_xy[1];

                // emit ray from the camera
                var pline = m_cam.calc_ray(cam, x, y, _pline_tmp);
                var camera_ray = m_math.get_pline_directional_vec(pline, _vec3_tmp);
                var camera_vert_rot = m_cam.get_camera_angles_dir(cam);

                // calculate ray/floor_plane intersection point
                var cam_trans = m_trans.get_translation(cam, _vec3_tmp2);
                m_math.set_pline_initial_point(_pline_tmp, cam_trans);
                m_math.set_pline_directional_vec(_pline_tmp, camera_ray);
                var point = m_math.line_plane_intersect(FLOOR_PLANE_NORMAL, 0,
                        _pline_tmp, _vec3_tmp3);

                // do not process the parallel case and intersections behind the camera
                if (point && camera_ray[2] < 0) {
                    var obj_parent = m_obj.get_parent(_selected_obj);
                    if (obj_parent && m_obj.is_armature(obj_parent))
                        // translate the parent (armature) of the animated object
                        //m_trans.set_translation_v(_selected_obj, point);
                        m_cons.append_stiff_viewport(_selected_obj, cam, viewport_pos);
                        //m_trans.set_translation_v(_selected_obj, point);
                        m_cons.append_stiff_viewport(_selected_obj, cam, viewport_pos);


So it works. You can drag the object around on the canvas but we still need to fix rotation.

Also there is an uncaught error in the canvas up function. We need to do a conditional check before calling m_cons.remove(_selected_obj);
08 June 2017 07:47
Thank you for reply in detailed.
I implemented this but it doesn't work in some cases and some times. when i move screen backside it doesn't work properly.
and object vary front and it can't drop it in my target object.
This idea is not properly working as per my purpose.
Any other technique, idea for move object, please give me.

Thank you.
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