Dance of the LEGO Skeleton

27 February 2015 20:50
Rarely seen footage of rite of passage dance of the LEGO skeleton.
This will be a nice little test for B4W when I get home.
Dance of the LEGO Skeleton
27 February 2015 21:27
Cool, looking forward for the B4W version
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03 March 2015 02:06
it all worked fine EXCEPT the skeleton was inside out and no amount of recalculating or flipping normals made it right, but at least I know it's possible and I will try with another model soon. Can hair on a model be exported?
03 March 2015 11:47
Nope, but you can convert it to mesh and add screw modifier set on a low angle - so there'll be added polygons everywhere. And if you need to add extra volume, here goes solidify

Here are my settings that I use when I need "life" hair:

But all those polys are heavy for computer, so I prefer using planes with semi-transparent hair texture

and as always,

Html is somewhat heavy due the quantity of polys.

And, by the way, we're thinking about realising hair without a need to convert it to mesh and etc.
03 March 2015 22:09
here is an animation with an issue I have experienced more than once: When converting that animation to B4W, the bone rotation animations work, but any bones animated with IK do not animate. Am I missing something to get IK anim included?
03 March 2015 23:01
That's because IK should be baked before exporting. See the tut.
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04 March 2015 05:11
works perfectly. My error was not giving the Action the same name in the B4W Anim Baker as it was called in the NLA.

7 megs 50 second anim

L'il Poly, the Texture-Fried Dancing Chicken no audio
04 March 2015 08:41
8.5 megs with audio

how do I make the animation not play until the audio starts? This is an html, but also for JSON loading, is there a way to make sure everything is loaded before anything plays to ensure syncing of audio and video, or is it a crapshoot right now?
04 March 2015 10:31

Unfortunately I can not reproduce the issue. I see you are using an old version of our engine (15.01). Try to upgrade to the 15.02 and see what happen. Also source blend file would be helpful.
04 March 2015 20:44
With the example above, the chicken stops dancing but the music still is playing, showing it is not in sync by a couple seconds. Audio plays while the animation moves, but the animation was made with timing to the music. Once the chicken stops dancing, the music plays for another couple seconds, but it should have ended at the same moment, and this is because audio starts playing later than the animation. I will get the Blend online later.
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