HTML Viewer to Engine

02 March 2015 17:03
But there is no anti aliasing
I'd like to add two functions to improve it:
Background color
View control tool and share like this example blend4web export HTML view tool,
it will be more perfect.This can achieve it?
02 March 2015 18:45
Hi, again

Actually, this scene already has AA enabled. The look is not perfect because it's FXAA and the background is too bright.
So that's where the second question arises. Check our manual for info. I think the first method will suit well for your application.

Controls and share buttons need to be explicitly programmed. You can look in our webplayer application and use it as an example.
12 March 2015 08:04
I apologize for not getting back to this topic sooner - it has been a very busy week and a half .

My OP wasn't very good because I failed to explain why I wanted to do this: I have finally committed to learning javascript- yay! I hope that once I get enough of an understanding of it, being able to compare a B4W file setup that doesn't do anything "extra" to one that does will help me see what is going on faster.

When my brain is less tired, I will read this thread over and see what I can learn from it.
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