Which version of blend4web should I install if my laptop only supports blender 2.76

23 July 2017 03:53
The latest version of blender my laptop could support is 2.76. Which version of blend4web should I use?

By the way, when I install the latest version of blend4web, I could export html file and it works fine in my browser, but fast preview doesn't work. When I use fast preview my browser says:

"Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at localhost:6687.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web."

I try to push the start server button but this error message pops up:
23 July 2017 04:16
If you go to the Download Page and scroll down, you will find a list of previous Blend4Web versions with the corresponding recommended versions of Blender.
23 July 2017 04:37
Thanks! But it still seems to be wrong.
I remove the new version and try to install the right version according to the chart. When I open blender again, I notice that there is no start server button, and the "export to blend4web html" button is somehow grey and so I could not export to html file!

When I used the newest version, I could at least export html…
23 July 2017 05:25
Check your User Preferences Scripts.

Not sure which versions it changed, but you used to have a different file path: blen4web_SDK\blender_scripts.
Here is an old video I did that may help.
Also while you are changing addons, you should uncheck that Blend4Web add-on in the User Preferences Add-ons panel, then reactivate it when you get the new SDK in place. And be aware that if you use the Remove button in the Add-on panel, it will delete the related files in your Blend4Web SDK directory and you will need to replace your SDK.
23 July 2017 11:41

well, it tells me that the old directory is wrong so I guess it already changed in this version.

This is what I did:
I unchecked the addon and push the remove button.
I replace the new version blend4web file with the old one(16.02)
I changed the directory to D:\blender\blend4web_sdk_free\, and save
i close and reopen blender, check the addon and save
close and reopen blender,
blend4web appears in render engine menu but no start server button, export html is grey
23 July 2017 11:51
btw, this is where i downloaded the sdk file(the chart in the download page).

I mean, I only downloaded the ce file, do I need to download the addon file?
23 July 2017 12:07
oh, i delete the file again and redo the process and it works! Thanks for helping!!
23 July 2017 12:18
Oh, the default cube has no problems, but when i use my own blend file, it refuses to fast preview!

And when i export to html, it turns off all my modifiers(i have mirror and subdivision on).

I move the blend file to the disk I install my blend4web(but it should not require me to do this), it can fast preview, but it still turns off my modifiers.
23 July 2017 12:32
maybe i will give up and just use the newest version…it at least exports html properly
23 July 2017 13:16
I think as long as you are trying to work with old versions, you will be plagued by bugs.
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