Animation Loop Delay

19 August 2017 17:10
Hi , I was starting to add the animation to objects and i need it on a loop ..
i applied a rotation for an object in 90 frames , but when i preview it in browser
after 90 frames there is a delay of a second and it will play again ..

its like stop and play , i am not getting that continuation .. why is this happening .. what is the solution

Thanks in advance ..
19 August 2017 20:21
Hello, I suppose that happens to you because Blender's extrapolation by default of the key frames of the movement is accelerated at the beginning and slowed down at the end of the animation, this is a more real movement. If you want a constant movement you should go to Graph Editor and selectable in Channel / Extrapolation Mode / Linear Extrapolation. This will make a constant infinite movement.
20 August 2017 05:24
Here is a picture of the Graph Editor in Blender. You can rotate those little handles to change the ease-in or ease-out.
20 August 2017 15:34
thank you very much WILL , juan
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