Run Entry Point Node

17 September 2017 11:12
I was doing a project with tons of logic nodes and I thought of a new type of node that would allow you to make reusable node groups (like functions). You already have Entry Point nodes that can be set to run from a script. If you made a new node called "Run Entry Point" with a parameter for one of the entry point nodes, you could make reusable node groups that would not run until called. For example you could make a node group that made various objects get hidden or shown based on some variables. Once the variables changed, you could call the node group and it would process all the show/hide nodes according to the new variable values.
18 September 2017 11:58
Just at the moment I am working on this feature .
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
18 September 2017 12:03
04 October 2017 20:43
Agree with Will Welker, it could be a very useful feature ! ;-)
22 October 2017 21:04
Hey Will,

There is a new function feature in the logic nodes in 17.10.. you can create re-usable functions and call them.
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