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22 October 2017 21:40
Thank you Dmitry, well said. This info is very much appreciated!

As far as thematic game competition, maybe a visual scripting only game prototype. With a short timeframe like 30 days it would be a fantastic way to compare all gaming engines.
(coding allowed but with heavy restrictions 5% coding 95% visual block type scripting).

This is my last post on the subject, I know you were trying to say hello and introduce yourself and I've hijacked the thread.. apologies about that :).

I may seem biased here but I come from three.js world with blender experience.. I've worked with unity and am considering migrating my workflow to UE4.

First off I like the B4W methods continuing along the same trajectory is perfectly fine for me. I love JS and the redundant monotonous tasks that can be replaced by logic nodes (as long as they are flexible and work well all the time) I'm all for. Building web configurators and being artist friendly is a major strong suit. (To me B4W is Sketchfab on Steroids!! essentially direct competition, evident by the fact that there are no B4W games other than Petigores tale - so far).

I suggest having a read through of the BGE Manual (anyone reading this, I'm sure B4W guys are aware of it ;) ). The logic node system is more like PLC programming with logic gates, sensors, controllers and actuators. Treating 3D environment like a machine.. a control system methodology. Then the code is added on top to do the more complex tasks.
There is nothing else like it and it already exists in Blender but has no way of exporting to anything other than a desktop game and at that there are licensing issues for your content.
BGE Logics
It's extremely powerful, you can prototype games rapidly - extremely intuitive. Anyone thinking about making a game should try BGE and realize how quickly you can prototype a fully functioning game… also tons and tons of online resources… not to mention again that it's right inside Blender which we all obviously love.

The most powerful node visual scripting system for making games hands down is Blueprints for UE4, but this is a visual way to write C++ code . (I'm generalizing a lot here I know, sorry UE4 people). If you want to visually write software this is the way to go.

Unity has visual scripting the most popular 3rd party product is Playmaker, similar theme here visually writing code. Unity doesn't come out of the box with visual scripting that compares.

UE4 and Unity have massive communities surrounding them.
BGE has a massive community surrounding more like a dedicated fan base, since the games made in BGE have very limited means to deploy their games. IMHO BGE community is the B4W community its such a perfect fit.. I thought this would be the direction B4W would go, can't understand why this isn't the case.

maybe someone that knows more can weigh in on this.. and maybe in a different new thread ;)
…since we're comparing here is the B4W Logics info
…If we're talking about making games with B4W then isn't this B4W users as well? is this the goal for B4W?
BGE exporter to web with B4W, that's my vote ;).
Games Made with Blender
24 October 2017 11:24
v3ny Godot 3 is coming soon, and this have visual scripting too, you can try it.
Is other great game engine too. Regards!
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