[CLOSED] (BUILD) B4W ERROR: could not load image texture

29 September 2017 23:24
images textures path can't be loaded after a BUILD, I tried on a (remote and local) server and no texture loaded.
In attachment a screenshot of the web-browser console, B4W seem to search my image file through an URL without domain name.
My images files are stored in /projects/my_project_name/textures/my_file.jpg
On the screenshot we can see B4W search to :
instead of
http://build.local/textures/my_file.jpg (http://build.local/ is a VirtualHost on my WAMP local server)

I use Blend4Web version: 17.8.0
30 September 2017 03:59
Here is a ZIP file of a mini project containing the materials with textures images who not want to be loaded when i make a Build in the project manager.
If someone want to test to make a Build and tell me what is wrong with images please.
Thank you for your help guys ;-)
30 September 2017 22:11
Ok it's my bad ! i didn't use the build folder correctly. I putted only the build folder on my server and add the "assets" folder inside it… i understood a bit too late that i must deploy my project first and add the build folder inside the deployed project and call the /my_project/build/my_project.html for running the minified version of the app.
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