Node Material with "Value" Node as Particle Material => ERROR

05 October 2017 02:16
Hi, I'm having a really annoying error due to the recent blend4web update. The problem occours when we have a particle system where particles are rendered using a node material containing an input node of type "Value". The error tells as follow: B4W ERROR: Shader compilation/linking error: particle_system.glslv, particle_system.glslf, materials: "ParticleMaterial". It's important to notice that this error came out with the latest blend4web releases since in the version 17.2.1 (which I was using before the update) all were ok. Due to this error I'm not able to animate the "Value" node of the node material of my particles, which is really annoying to me cause I use such a technique in most of my blend4web projects. I'm attaching a simple demo scene where you can easily see the problem by fast previewing the scene.
12 October 2017 16:45
Hi Spartan,
Thanks for the report! This bug appeared in 17.08, so you can still use 17.06 without getting that error. We'll fix it in the upcoming 17.10 release.
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