Logic Nodes Transform Object 17.10

22 October 2017 21:11
Seems there is something strange happening with the transform object node, or perhaps I'm using it wrong.

I'm simply using transform object node to rotate the default cube.

The cube is zooming off to some point in the distance. Almost like the node is evaluating 0,0,0 as some location off somewhere else.

I put an empty at 0,0,0.
When you click the cube it moves to empty location and outline flashes for 4 seconds and then it's supposed to rotate. It rotates but flies away?
23 October 2017 11:11
The Transform Object node is applying 3 things simultaneously: Location, Rotation and Scale. By default you have zero scale. Just set it to 1.0.
I've changed the default value of Scale parameter to 1.0
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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