Blend4Web 17.10 Release Candidate!

27 October 2017 16:02
Blend4Web 17.10 Release Candidate is available for testing. It bring lots of new features, including:
-new visual logic editor features. Three new nodes, new variable type and other improvements;
-improved support for Cycles materials;
-a new scene rendering mode;
-gravity vector controls…
…and many more!
Please note that SDK 17.10 requires Blender 2.79 to work.
Feel free to test your projects and share your opinions in the comments
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
29 October 2017 13:01
Hello, can we see in some place how to use the new nodes or see what else has been implemented in the API ?. Is there any explanation out there or do we wait for the User Manual to be updated?
29 October 2017 13:53
With "Define function" node you can define a function, which then can be called by "Call function" node. Functions can be defined in different node trees even in linked from another file. Thus you can reuse your node functions.
"Switch" node is an analogue of "switch" operator from javascript. It switches the control flow depending on the value of the main argument. If it equal to the value of the argument which corresponds to some output socket then control flow switches to this socket.
More info you will find in the updated documentation inside sdk.
(Press "SDK index" button on the Render tab)
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
29 October 2017 15:23
Thank you very much Alexander.
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