first character control + speaker on = fast preview crashed

07 February 2018 11:31
Where is the the Terminal in the blend 4web directory ?
Sorry, I didn't find anything
07 February 2018 11:37
Just launch the Terminal application on your Mac. Then change directory to the Blend4Web SDK folder.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
09 February 2018 18:38
I´m lost. I opened the Terminal but don´t know how to go a step further.
I have exported a new project but the problem is still there. Should I change something in my folder from the webplayer.js or webplayer.min.css ? Sorry to bother you again.
09 February 2018 19:33
I have opened the Terminal and "make compile_b4w" and I have installed the program, but the problem still there
12 February 2018 10:48
Hello Alexander, if I export the project with Project Manager, the problem come back again . Do you have any idee ?

Maybe I misunderstood.
What do you mean when you are saying "export"? Is this a project export command that allows you to import your project into another SDK, e.g. installed on a different computer? In this case you should apply the same patch on that SDK.

If you mean "deploy", then as I 've already said, you should first recompile the engine. And if you are using webplayer, you should recompile it: from project manager find Webplayer app and click "build project". Then try to build your own project and deploy it.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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