On/Off tiling texture texture via code

01 February 2018 12:49

First : thanks for you awesome work, love blend4web.

On a project i want the possibility to activate or stop tiling on a texture on a cylinder. The goal is to be able to make the image all around the cylinder or not.

I want to make it possible via javascript, like be able to activate tiling or stop it, and scale texture if necessary. Scale is not a problem, i succeed with multiply node, but tiling?

Thanks for your help
01 February 2018 15:42
You can use the Min and Max flags of the Mapping node.
Blend4Web Team
01 February 2018 18:14
thanks for your answer.

How to edit the value with javascript?
My goal is to activate or desactivate the tiling with one button.

06 February 2018 12:14
up ?
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