How to make a 3d globe in B4W

25 April 2015 20:06

I have recently discovered a great 3d globe using three.js which has been made by Google:

I was wondering how hard would it be to make the same thing in Blend4Web, as I much prefer Blend4Web because it works on my iPad but the three.js does not work well on my iPad.

Therefore I think Blend4Web is better so I would prefer to use it.

Are there any obvious tips anyone can give on recreating this globe using Blend4Web?

26 April 2015 12:59
Hi, and thanks for kind words.

Of course, it is possible with Blend4Web. Actually, there are several approaches for this task. As for me, the best solution is to use vertex animation. This choice will give you a good performance. (at the cost of file-size)

Also, in the upcoming release we add Shape Keys support, which can be a much more flexible solution.
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