Problems with Augmented Reality

27 August 2018 19:16
Hello to all,
I have a question related to the new augmented reality support or possibilities of blend4web, like it is showed in the example "AR" or in the blog here:

I tried to build a small example scene by my own and first followed exactly this tutorial:, exept that I took the "lib"-folder and the camera-para.dat of the AR-example of blend4web, and an own pattern-marker.patt (generated with the online-tool from the youtube-tutorial).

My problem: the solar-example of blend4web is running without any problem, but my own example scene I build with the help of this tutorial won't load anything and does'nt connect to the camera. It just appears a white screen [picture 1].

First try to solve the problem: checking the modules. This gave several errors, so I updated the modules. Now the loading-bar occurs, the scene is loading fully, Firefox asks for the permission to connect to the webcam and it shows, that it is connected with the cam, but the screne still stays completely white without actually loading the scene [picture 2].

Next try to solve: Checking and compare the solar AR-example of blend4web and my own AR-try, like the configuration (define the "JS Compilation Pass-Through List") -> still the same than picture 2; and the css, html and js files -> same than picture 1 or 2 (depends on what I did).

So my question: does anybody knows a solution or can gave me some advise or even guidance for building an own simple AR-Scene? I'm thankful for every help or input :-)

Thank you very much for your help :-)

p.s. I also attached my small AR-Test (stage: updated modules and defined "JS Compilation Pass-Through List" because at this stage it was more or less most "successful"), maybe this way its easier to comprehend what I did (wrong)…
28 August 2018 20:02
Ok, I tried some more…
I copied the solar-example of blend4web and managed it, to delete all planets and the sun and to take Suzanne as example mesh (I named her "Suzanne_geom" and the empty is parent of "Suzanne"). To make it run, i just replaced all "sun"/"Sun"-expression in the .js file with "Suzanne". But whenever I want to delete some func of the solar-animation or something related to the planets the loading bar stopps at 99% and there were several errors.
I also manage it, that more than one mesh is displayed, in this case, the empty needs to be parent of both meshs, but all "sun"/"Sun"-expressions just needs to be replaced with the name of one object.
Is there a "plain" script without all the sun/planet/animations for AR? Or how can I change the script that I have just my own meshes/objects/animations/whatever?
And does somebody knows a way to use pictures as nft-markers instead of black/white-patterns (.patt-files)?
As usual, for easier comprehension a small AR-Test-file is attached :-)
Thanks for every help or input or also diskussion :-)
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