frame range for animation bakes

21 May 2015 21:27
As seen in the "Trepaning Animation" video, there are a few frames before and after making the animation that are extra and could be cut. To be able to Bake a frame range in B4W would be helpful. I do not know how that would work with setting up NLA, but it may be a non-issue.
22 May 2015 11:14
…there are a few frames before and after making the animation
It is not absolutely clear to me, which frames are you talking about. B4W baker generally creates an animation with the same length as the original animation. So, it is basing on its frames and if there are "extra frames" in original one, they will also be present in the baked one. Am I missing something?
22 May 2015 19:15
Let us go back to Quake days. All animations for a character were a continuous strip, as in frames 1-10 were IDLE, frames 11-35 were LOOK, frames 36-52 were WALK, so to be able to tell B4W that frames 1-10 are Baked using the name IDLE, and frames 11-35 are baked using the name LOOK, and so on.

That is an extra thought. My original idea was a simple "bake frames X thru Y" and ignore frames before and after that range.
22 May 2015 22:11
Blender's native animation baker can bake actions between user-defined frames.

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