Animated child not moving

30 May 2015 10:42
I'm not sure if this is a bug, a missing feature, intentional, or just plain stupidity from my side :) So please excuse, if I have missed the obvious.

How to reproduce the issue:
I created a simple animation of an sphere by inserting keyframes for the location. I check the "Use default" in the Animation panel and set the Behavior to "Loop". Exporting the scene now will show a bouncing ball (or whatever you chose). Back in blender, I created another object and parented the animated object to the newly created, non-animate object. If I start the playback in Blender, I see the ball still bouncing. However, if I export the scene, the ball (child) doesn't move at all.

I tried inserting keyframes for the parent as well, checking Use Default and Force Dynamic Object for both Parent and Child, but nothing seemed to work.

Does B4W somehow clear or override the animation data if it has a parent? Or am I just missing a checkbox somewhere?

If necessary I could provide the blend and/or html file.

Thanks for your help.
30 May 2015 16:38
Hi Flo and welcome to this forum!

Currently Blend4Web cannot play whole-object animation for parented objects. We are aware of with issue and will fix it in one of the future releases. Meanwhile you might work around it by using skeletal animation for the parented object.
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31 May 2015 00:52
Hi Yuri,
thanks so much for your fast reply. I'm glad I posted here and didn't try for another couple of hours to figure it out myself :)

Looking forward to the fix/added feature and will try the skeletal animation until then. Who knows, maybe that works even better for my needs!

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