Single-page website. Now in 3D

11 June 2015 09:56
Сhangoroo Studio made its single-page website without even leaving Blender. Easy!

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18 June 2015 19:57
This is very cool on desktop!

Note that the images don't appear on the top and bottom cylinders on iOS and Android ( the model is there, with a solid gray color ).
19 June 2015 11:35
Hello and welcome!

That's because the scene has VERY large images, so mobile devices can't handle it. If you'll see webglreport it will say all the supported things of your device related to webgl, max texture size included. In my case (Highscreen boost II SE) the output looks like this:

As you can see, max texture size for my phone is 4096. I suppose guys used only two pictures - and they are the long stripes - like 1024xOVER_9000, so mobile devices just can't process images that large
19 June 2015 12:05
Anyway, we should handle such cases somehow, thanks for reporting this issue!
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29 August 2015 07:20
Very nice. I like it! I think Blend4web has a lot of potential to fill the web design hole left by Flash. Can clickable links be done inside Blender, or do we need an external JS file to handle that?
29 August 2015 08:26
Hi, and welcome to this forum!

Page redirects can be implemented right in Blender without any coding. See my answer here
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25 September 2015 19:59
That's impressive both from an end result perspective and considering the efficiency and simplicity. That gives a very good idea of how browsing the internet will surely become an immersive experience in itself.

25 September 2015 20:17
Looks like I double posted! So double cheers :D
29 October 2015 09:28
The issue with disappearing big textures was resolved in 15.10.
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