Yadoob's NPR models

06 August 2015 19:30
Find a writer and work with them. This has huge success potential.
05 September 2015 15:08
Yes or a small story ^^

Yusuf Umar did an awesome character : link and put it on blendswap.
So with some adjustementin materials and blend4web magic, here's an html version :
i've trouble to get the AO working with html export though.

To test the viewport limitation of B4W I also did a version with high poly (around 1.700 000 tris) the loading is huge but it runs quite smoothly
05 September 2015 17:29
Wow, this is very nice work. Years ago, I was a wanna-be Flash programmer and I always tried to achieve 3Dish effects but alas, any neat effect I ever did tanked the CPU. This is what I always wished Flash could be.
09 September 2015 10:20
i've trouble to get the AO working with html export though.

Do you mean SSAO as a postprocesing effect or AO as a texture?
10 September 2015 20:55
@Pavel SSAO

I'm finally done with translating tutorials that I made for french community with the Yokai scene :

Part1 : addon and html : link

Part2 : SDK and application : link

10 September 2015 21:16
Great work!
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29 September 2015 18:39
So I found a story to tell (kind of) so here's the first picture of the incoming project :

29 September 2015 18:57
Oh, very artistic chinese-like the calligraphy! Keep going.
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
31 December 2015 13:26
Thank you Mikhail,

I started another project (that will be set aside for now), an interactive and quick "TV sow" in retro-stereoscopic 3D:

04 March 2016 16:02
Hmm, I recently tried the last Blend4Web version but I still have a weird issue with casted shadows and Light info node. It worked when I first try but after doing some normal edit thing, suddently it no longer display the casted shadows.

Here's a screen :

And i've also attached the .blend (without full scene)
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