Yadoob's NPR models

08 July 2015 15:28 #2971
Hey guys,

I'll post here some models mostly focus on NPR (non photorealist rendering like cartoons). So let's start small by visiting a room (concept from Up) :

And a character based on a concept by Naïade with animation :

Next step will be to do some interactivites
08 July 2015 16:20 #2973
Woah. It's actually pretty good!
Awesome work
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08 July 2015 18:36 #2974
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11 July 2015 00:05 #2998
All of them are awesome
20 July 2015 21:57 #3129
thank you guys !

I put some interactions with the Oldman. Quite smooth learning of blend4web API and lots of fun ahead

21 July 2015 09:57 #3133
Three.js guys feel envy
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24 July 2015 15:49 #3181
Great work, thx for showing!
Good inspirations.
26 July 2015 17:13 #3192
Thank you :)

I exported some animations for the Room :
27 July 2015 19:01 #3205
Wow. I like this cartoonish stuff. You definitely need to make some animated scene. This can really be a new genre of art. Interactive web cartoons or something =)
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27 July 2015 19:07 #3206
shhhh don't spoil it

But yes that's what I want to do in the near future, I just have to find something to tell^^
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