24 July 2015 07:14
Dear great developers and all beloved B4W users,

Level design and AI flow chart are two intuitive parts of fun for making a game. With sculpt mode in Blender, we could easily make caves and tunnels, which might not be easily done by other great tools. However AI part will be mostly rely on hard coding.

I believe most of AI flow charts nowadays could be influenced by BGE logic or vice versa. Graphic node view reduces the work load by replacing hard code with node connections. NLA is the only graphic UI logic tool we have now. It could be natural to try to use NLA to approach Golem first. NLA is cool, I can easily get hundreds of lines. But debugging it is painful, at least for me. The page param in NLA sheds some light to AI automation actually. Well it is inside JSON, if I am not wrong. So it could be hard to know what is exactly going on.

May I have your opinions regarding AI implementation in the future?

Thanks in advance.
24 July 2015 12:49

We have plans on integrating AI into Blender interface. Haven't considered the exact implementation yet but the node structure really seems to be a nice choice for this.

We already almost finished the transition to node system for NLA script. It will be most likely included into 15.08. And we looking forward to give it more possibilities. Probably, AI can be integrated into this system in future.

But actually, the main difficulty while organizing AI is to properly process interaction with surrounding physical objects. I mean, NPC should know which physical objects he had to avoid, and which ones he can pass through. So the process of assigning all required collision IDs, tags etc should be as simple as possible.

Anyway, you will see the proper AI logic editor in the nearest future (after several releases, i hope)
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