Firefox 39.03 issue when loading JSON

14 August 2015 21:31
Not sure what happened, everything on the test site was fine and then yesterday, it would only blink in and then disappear in firefox. Reverted to the way it was the day before, no change, so am assuming FF changed something

Still works fine in chrome, not working in Win10 IE but already knew that.
15 August 2015 13:13
Hi, Brian!

Unfortunately I've not been able to reproduce the issue. However, there are too many errors in console. E.g force_selectable config has been removed, this feature is now activated from Blender (Scene->Object Selection->ON). Also I see warnings about non-uniform scale on objects, NPOT textures, as well as errors about incorrect NLA script and the bunch of missing objects.

About Win10 IE (it's actually called Microsoft Edge, you see there is some non-uniform scale applied to the "E" logo in Z direction ). Support for this browser is coming in the next Blend4Web release.
17 August 2015 19:01
Thanks for checking, now it works fine in FF at work, will try later at home. On Friday, it wasn't loading except for a brief flash on screen then it would disappear, but it's a moot point now, it seems. I'm aware of the errors, will fix them in an actual build, this is still just testing stuff when I have a moment here and there. BTW, I left the errors in to drive you crazy!
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