Have "Apply Default Animation" on by default

14 September 2015 01:27
For people testing out Blend4Web, and even for more experienced users, it might be better for the default value of "Apply Default Animation" to be on.

This makes it easier for new users to see animated scenes in Blend4Web. They see it straight away, rather than having to look for the option to turn it on per object ( and maybe not finding the option, and leaving Blend4Web with frustration ).

Also, an artist has applied animation to a model, it's more likely that they want that animation exported. In the less frequent case where they don't want it exported, they can turn it off - if it's important for the animation not to exported for Blend4Web for say a client project, I'd assume that they are more familiar with the technology at this stage and could easily find the option to turn it off.

Hope that makes sense!
14 September 2015 10:41

This is arguably a better behavior. We had several requests from our users about enabling animation by default and probably we'll turn it on. I'll write about the decision in this topic.
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