Annotations don't sort - Planetarium

14 September 2015 23:41
When I run the Planetarium demo ( the link below, or via the local SDK link ), the annotations don't sort based on depth.

For example, the Venus tag is always in front of the Earth tag, even when it should be behind it.

I tried this on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on a machine with an Intel Iris graphics card, and also on an iPhone 5 - same result.

I'll look into how to create annotations within Blender now, to see if I can recreate it with the new version.
14 September 2015 23:51
OK, I just did a quick test, the same thing is happening with the latest SDK.

Here's a link - "Box A" is always in front of "Box B" - the only exception is when I click on Box B ( to show the full description )

Hopefully this is something that is easy to fix!
15 September 2015 15:10
Thanks for pointing this out. Annotations are now properly sorted. The feature will be available in the upcoming Blend4Web release.
15 September 2015 22:35
Excellent! I had posted here as well about allowing anchored annotations to not just contain text, but full HTML, from with Blender - that would be very cool!
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