Creating native iOS / Android ( eg using CoocoonJS )

15 September 2015 00:28
Have you tried creating a native App Store style app for a Blend4Web example?

There seem to be some technologies out there that wrap HTML as apps, and claim to be WebGL compatible, eg

"•CocoonJS is the only platform to date that allows WebGL native app deployment in both iOS from version 5.0 and above and Android from version 2.3 and above."
15 September 2015 11:04
I tried a couple of options for Pyatigor's Tale. The easiest way is to use the intel xdk. This tool is able to build packages for different platforms, such as ios, winmobile and android, as the option you can enable using crosswalk. Packages are compiled on the remote server. A more difficult option is to use crosswalk locally and build your app with scripts. By the way was noticed better performance on some phones.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
15 September 2015 22:46
It's cool that you tried it and got it working, as some clients might want a non-streaming, native app version of their Blend4Web based project for tablets etc.
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