Allow HTML in Meta Tags, Title and Description

15 September 2015 01:57
It would be cool to allow HTML in the Title and Description entries for Meta Tags.

This could include basic formatting <B> etc, and also images / video.

Going totally crazy here, it could allow a Blend4Web WebGL tag inside a Blend4Web WebGL scene :)

Somewhere in-between those two sentences above would be great :)
15 September 2015 10:52
Title and Description entries for Meta Tags are exported as generic text to JSON together with other scene data. You can easily retrieve this information in your app and use for whatever purpose. In our "standard" webplayer these entries are used to update corresponding HTML <meta> tags of the web page to be displayed in browser.

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15 September 2015 22:39
Hi Yuri,

I should have been clearer in the title, I meant this with regards anchored annotations, and using those entries from within Blender to paste valid HTML code.

Eg in the Title, I might paste..

This is <b>VERY</b> cool

And in the description, this…

VERY <i>VERY</i> COOL!!! <img src="">
<blink>I hope blinking still works! :)</blink>

This would allow for more complex tool tips etc out of the box ( /Blender ).

It would also allow for more stuff like links within the tags, eg <a href="more_product_info.html">, and even allow new page links or pop-ups by <a href="more_product_info.html" target="_blank"> or target="popup"
16 September 2015 07:55
Oh, sorry I misunderstood the question. We used HTML/CSS formatting for annotations in our Dairy Plant demo. There is no limitations on HTML content you can insert - we even tried streamed videos! See this code snippet to get an idea how to use "custom" annotations.
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16 September 2015 20:57
Ah, cool - when I tried a simple <B> it didn't look like it worked, as the text was already bold :)

This is very cool…
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