Murder Muffin

16 September 2015 04:39
Here is an animation I made over the past couple weeks.

Murder Muffin - Lock and Loaf episode1

16 September 2015 08:01
That's cool!

[EDIT] You might also submit it to BlenderNation
The Founder | Twitter
17 September 2015 06:50
Thanks Yuri, I was hoping it might be a fun video for people over in Europe. I sent a message to Blendernation, thanks for the suggestion!
19 September 2015 18:49
Bart at Blendernation took a pass on putting this oh so important tale into the feed, but suggested I put it in the forum, which I did and that's just fine with me.

Episode 2 is baking.
20 September 2015 06:18
Haha, great video
30 September 2015 04:05
Here is episode 2 if you're interested!

Murder Muffin episode 2
30 September 2015 08:27
Here is episode 2 if you're interested!

Murder Muffin episode 2
Even more action than in episode 1. Cool tank!
The Founder | Twitter
04 November 2015 12:10
Murder Muffin - Episode 3

Part 3 in the saga of 1940s Paris occupied by the dreaded Donutsee, the French Croissistance battling the occupation, and the world's deadliest baked goods since sliced bread.

04 November 2015 13:12
The Founder | Twitter
06 November 2015 22:29
Here is the official "Murder Muffin - The Movie" kickstarter

Intended just to get some looks rather than money, but hey, I'll use the money if it shows up! Check back for a new video every day! Or so!

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