Attaining content HTML coding

25 September 2015 17:40
Hi, the option I am trying to find is the 'Selectable' check box outlined in the 'Creating an interactive web application' link featured above. If this menu has been diffused into the surrounding tabs, could you please direct me to this segment to allow individuals to 'select' functions of the interactive feature?

In regards to my HTML conundrum. The website development programmes I am use to working within do not host external HTML or JSON content. This is why I was curious if I could render out an interactive feature from B4W into a pure coded format and sub it into the HTML addition panel in these programmes. This way, I could still host the content on the website servers and adjust segments to affect the interactive content as needed with additional Javascript. Alternatively, I would have to source another host server in order to individually host this content before subbing it into the iframe feature on the websites server. If this is the case, any recommendations for free hosts?
25 September 2015 18:34
Please see the attached image. Once checked the three numeric inputs can be set to adjust how long and how many times the item blinks on selection.
As for HTML; the HTML export option results in a fully self contained HTML document. It is a rather large HTML file and I don't know what kind of website software you are referring to (Wordpress?) but maybe you could try to copy/paste the HTML from the Blend4Web export to your website platform.
28 September 2015 18:29
Hey Will,

Thanks for helping us out with the forum! We're busy with pre-release: bug-fixing, things-tweaking, translating, etc., so your help is very appreciated!
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