Logic Editor per Object, as well as per Scene

17 September 2015 23:31
At the moment, a Logic Editor can be added to a scene.

I can see where having a Logic Editor per object could be useful as well, especially if an empty name defaulted to being the current object the Logic Editor is attached to ( and maybe the to and from for animations defaulted to say the start and end of an NLA animation, or there was predefines for start/end ).

You could have a generic "Click to animate" script that could be attached to a number of objects, so when you click on any of them, it plays that objects animation.

In fact, why not more than one Logic Editor per object / scene :)

You could then have a send / receive message node, to allow objects to communicate with each other.

Or, have types of Entry Point nodes, eg OnTouch, OnFrameUpdate, OnMessage etc ( taking note from the current Logic Editor actuators ).
18 September 2015 10:45
Good suggestions. We had similar thoughts. What I liked the most is having different types of entry points as event handlers. At the moment, we see the Logic Editor in context of a single script per scene which is important for usability. A single tree is easier to understand: all logic is described on a single sheet and you do not have to switch to other trees. With the current set of nodes, this method is quite optimal. As soon as we develop more sofisticated nodes which will be associated with separate objects, I think we can choose the road similar to what you suggested.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
10 September 2016 21:45
is there any movement on this request?
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