Issue with Anchor and image in Title

23 September 2015 22:18
If you have a look at this website, and click on the anchor / annotation on the left ( which has the G logo ), clicking anywhere but the logo will open up the description, but clicking on the image won't.

Clicking on the image should also open up the description ( a user might have icons / small images only in the title, which they want the user to click ).

Note that, in the other anchor, which opens up to show the full Google logo in the description, clicking anywhere on the description ( including on the logo ) will close it, which is expected behaviour.

Quick edit - I of course forgot to post the links :)

Online link…

Blend file…
25 September 2015 19:55

Well we didn't actually think that somebody will modify the exported HTML code for annotations. For such cases we have a more generic solution, see the corresponding code snippet, namely "Custom Element". This requires some coding though.
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