15.09 Issues

24 September 2015 11:40 #4041
The new "Manage Projects" link in the SDK is not working.
It displays "Project list error". See attached screenshot. The result is the same on Windows 10 and Mac, (Chrome browser).
The WebGL Report is working and the other server dependent apps run.
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24 September 2015 12:34 #4045
Thanks for reporting, this issue will be fixed in the next developer preview. Currently you may install java as a workaround.
Blend4Web Team
24 September 2015 19:59 #4065
Fixed in updated developer preview builds.
Blend4Web Team
25 September 2015 02:22 #4068
Is there a description somewhere of what the Project Manager is and what it can do?
I did see some mention of release notes but I haven't found any.

Oops, I see that Alexander already answered this:
"Thanks, we hope to complete translation of release notes and documentation before release candidate coming out by the weekend."
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02 October 2015 22:26 #4205
I get "Python3 not found" on OSX when trying to open project manager.
installed python 3.5 but still get the error.

03 October 2015 10:51 #4206
There is a bug in OSX version of Blender with missing python interpreter. It is already reported and should be fixed before the final release. For now you may install Python 3.4 as a workaround.
Blend4Web Team
03 October 2015 14:03 #4208
That fixed it , thanks!
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