First Person Camera Mode For HTML Export

04 October 2015 13:20 #4213
Is there any plan to implement a fist person explore type camera mode in the HTML export? Being able to walk around and explore a house or something would be cool. It may involve physics so you don't walk through walls or fall through the floor and I understand that is not yet implemented in the HTML export. This would have big implications for architecture, games etc.
This comes from a comment on on of my videos.
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05 October 2015 10:57 #4222
Hello Will,

Recently, we have updated physics engine so that now it is possible to run physics in the same thread with rendering process. This gives us the possibility to implement physics in HTML-export as well (with an impact on the performance, but at least it is possible now).

So I think, we'll add this into our TODO list, because this feature was already requested several times so far
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08 October 2015 14:26 #4277
I will repost your response into my Youtube video comments where this topic was raised.
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21 December 2015 00:07 #5994
Hi colleagues.

Unfortunately my real-time application requires first-person camera (for visit a house).
Are there any news about implementation of this feature?
Or predictions for when it's available…
Thank you!
21 December 2015 10:19 #6001
Keep in mind, that though this feature is not in the no-code HTML export, you can do it with JavaScript code.
See this example:
This example project can also be found in your SDK
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