Geometry not appearing in viewer

08 October 2015 17:53
Hello everyone!

So when I had originally downloaded blend4web I had no problems viewing my scenes as html or json files.

Today I created a simple scene with two objects with separate materials and a ground plane, I saved the scene into my blender directory and exported the .json file into the assets folder. When viewing the scenes however, none of the changes I made to the geometry appear in the viewer (ie: I create a box, then scale the box on a z axis, but in the viewer the box is shown without the scale.) I've tried creating multiple scenes, to the point of creating a simple scene with one object, and the changes made to the object after creating it still do not appear in the viewer. I've attached the .blend file and .json / .bin files of the simpelst scene I created.

Thanks for any advice on how to resolve this issue!
08 October 2015 18:21
Hi! It's a common mistake. You have a non-uniform scale on the box , the engine dosn't support it, so you need apply the scale to the object or set the checkbox on "Apply Scale and Modifiers" in object settings, then engine will apply all scale automaticly. Good luck.
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
08 October 2015 19:20
Ah, thank you!
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