Additonal Functionality for "Switch Select"

03 November 2015 08:45
I have not really had a chance to dive into the new Switch Select Node functionality; though it seems to be going the direction I am seeking for a future project. I would like to have a drop-down menu that would allow selection of separate objects from within the 3D file. I have a bunch of variations of potential options to showcase that would offer different sizes and finishes for about 4 different parts per product. This will result in a very large potential product sku catalog amounting to hundreds of variations.

I would like to create a WebGL catalog that allows the user to click on a part, (perhaps I prompt them by making it flash or strobe until clicked on), followed by a pop-up menu.This would show a selection list of parts I setup as potential possibilities. (-When used on an iOS device; i would expect the typical roll-style menu with the various possible selections to show up like it would when a web-page has a drop-down menu selected.)

The finishing touch would be a way to assign an associative on-screen Part number to each individual part; which would then make a combined part number based on the user's selections.

I imagine the last part would be something I would have to work out myself; but the Select and switch node seems so close in theory to the main part I am seeking to create a variable part catalog. I also would like to see a way to add a second selection mode for material finishes. So when a user would select the size/style of a given part; they would have another second prompt for material/ finish.

I am eager to hear any feedback about using the functionality that is already available; and perhaps methods I am overlooking.
03 November 2015 11:57
Can you please specify your request little more? Maybe some existing examples?
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