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25 March 2016 03:52
Hi Sorry for the delay. You will notice that some of the speakers in the scene are associated with .mp3 and some with .ogg.
I notice in Safari only the .mp3 files played and in Chrome both types play fine…at least on a Mac.
Attached is the blend file and json and bin file.
Let me know if you need anything else.
22 March 2016 03:32
I have a working B4W page within an iframe. All works fine on my machine, but it does not load properly on everyone's machine. The site is

Some people's machines load fine…although movement can be slow to extremely slow. Other's only hear the background audio file with a black screen, and others will see a partial loading of the objects and the camera seems to be located in an unusual spot. No one has reported an error message upon loading the page.
The browsers being used are Chrome, Safari, and IE.
Is there something that I need to do or is this a bug of some kind?
Thanks for all your help.
09 March 2016 20:45
Excellent. Thanks for the help.
02 March 2016 05:05
How does one go about customizing the URL for the social media buttons which appear after clicking the 'open button'? For example, I would like the Facebook link to go directly to a specific page.

Also, is it possible to set the scene to load in low quality setting by default?

20 February 2016 01:41
It worked. Simple as that.
Thanks very much.
19 February 2016 04:07
Ok. There seems to be some strange stuff going on with the server. I have a web domain hosted by e-Host and am using cPanel to upload the B4W files with a webpage developed with WordPress. Everything is working. I have the page loading.
It can be viewed here:; however, there are problems. The scene that loads is not the most current.
The obvious solution is to upload the most recent .JSON file and .bin files and it should work…but the scene that loads is old (i.e. objects are not there, in the wrong place, etc.).
All files have been confirmed to be the most recent by date, time and size in all locations. Another issue, which may be related, is that I have code in a .js file which does not load as can be seen in the attached console log. You can also see from the log that some audio files do not load. For these audio files, a comma in the name prevented them from loading originally; however, this was corrected, but for some reason it is still looking for them. The newest .json file loads up flawlessly in the fast viewer. I contacted eHost to find out if they had any solutions as it seemed like it was connecting with some historic .json files, but they indicated it must be related to the B4W software?? I've attached the .json file that I was attempting to load up to the website.
Your assistance is very much appreciated.
18 February 2016 05:30
Hi, Thanks. Your instructions are clear; however, I'm getting an error message in the console log indicating that myproject.js could not be loaded (not found).
The file is located here: public_html/deploy/apps/myproject.js (myproject.css is also in this location)
The HTML code is written as follows:
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>3D Experience</title>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/deploy/apps/myproject.js"></script>
    <iframe width="800" height="600" allowfullscreen src="/deploy/apps/webplayer/webplayer.html?load=../../assets/New_Swears_Room/myprojecct.json"></iframe>

I also tried "../../deploy/apps/myproject.js" but that did not work.
If you can help, it would be much appreciated.
13 February 2016 19:18
Thanks very much.
Just for further clarification, based on what was discussed above, I was expecting to see the myproject.js file called within the myproject.json file; however, I did not see it there. Should the myproject.js file be called separately from the initial HTML code inserted on the host webpage?
09 February 2016 21:17
This may seem like a simple question, but not being familiar with code or webpages, I will swallow my pride and ask anyway.
When a page is loaded up on a commercial hosting site the index.HTML page is coded to call upon the Webplayer.html and the <myproject.JSON> file. The <myproject.JSON> file will, in turn, call upon the <myproject.bin> file and the <myproject.js> file. This <myproject.js> file will then call upon additional .js files as necessary, the <myproject.css> file and holds the additional code necessary to make the scene work …i.e. code that has not already been created in the logic node editor within Blender.

To ultimately load the project on the commercial web server, the location of these files must placed appropriately as per the Project Structure.
However, not all of these files are required. If one has opted for the .JSON webplayer and not the HTML webplayer then the <myproject.html> and <myproject_dev.html> files are not required.
On the commercial web page, the .blend file is not required as the information is contained in the .JSON file and the .bin file, but all of the media assets must be copied over. Also, on the commercial web page the files should be placed in deploy/apps/myproject folder rather than the apps_dev/myproject/ folder as that was only used for development on ones computer.
Is all of this more or less correct?
As usual, your help is much appreciated,
05 February 2016 20:58
I have built a page with a number of objects which have been programmed for a response when 'hit' using the switch select logic node. All worked flawlessly in the fast viewer; however, when I put the final JSON file etc in the actual server the response was not consistent. Sometimes it would respond when clicked and sometimes not.
I can attach the file later if needed.
Thanks for all of the great work.