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16 December 2017 17:41
Hey everybody!

So, i come here again to say that i have used API javascript… and it's really different now !

Thank you really much for all your work on Blend4web, this API is really magic ! I love make things with it ! I prefer it that logic node, which could be interesting for small project indeed…

So here is my project now :

Diffusor Quadratik

(sorry, it's a french website… )

Thank you !!

06 December 2017 22:56
I have the FPS to 8 in the fast preview mode… I think this is terrible…
Is there a way to avoid this ?
06 December 2017 22:40
I am sorry for the "noob question" if i can use the mouse to rotate the object, i just realise that it's a question of camera mode… Sorry !
06 December 2017 22:09
Hey !

I would like to show you my first project made with blend4web…
I use only logic-node for the moment on a french e-commerce website of "diffusor" for sound and acoustic treatment…

Link :

Blender file : here

I would like to ask few question to improve it :

- Do you think that it's really possible to simplify the logic in logic node ? As you see, there is a lot of nodes, for simple actions…

-Is there a way to use one node of inherit materials for a group of objects ? With materials link or something else ?

-Is that possible to control the selected object with the mouse to rotate it as we want ? I think i have to use API methods for this…!?

-I don't know why but the scene background color have to be different than other background colors of buttons, for instance, to appear the same… If someone have an idea about this issue ?

Thank you really much for helping me !!
23 November 2017 19:25

I'm happy to ask my first noob question! I would like to know if it's possible to apply a change of size in only one direction by clicking on a object with JS or logic node ? I would like to make a transformation in x direction from 100mm to 200mm in my situation.

I read that it's possible with shape key but, because i will have a lot of objects to transform, i don't know if it's the better solution…
12 August 2016 19:49
(with trapcode particular…)
12 August 2016 19:48
It's a webm video from after effect … ;)
12 August 2016 16:41
Hello everybody !!
I would like to say that i follow blend4web since few months…
So, thank you really much to the developpers and for all the releases !! I'm so interesting in Blend4web..

I haven't questions now but just would like to participate by showing my beginner's project !


I would like to make a science plateform game (with facebook integration) to use it in educative missions…
It will have puzzle game, physics and anchors to learn about sciences news …

So, let's start this new project subject …