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20 August 2019 19:57
I'm using the CE version.
When you do a Fast Preview and it opens in your browser and you are presented with the Menu with all the options on the left…
Are the greyed out ones only available with the PRO version?
or are these changed by settings in your blender project?

EDIT: also.. are camera DOF settings even carried over into the published API ?
do we have to use a js call like i see here…?
thnx again
20 August 2019 19:48
ok silly me
thank you.
20 August 2019 17:14 [ON MODERATION]
the forum is asking me to leave a reply to an empty post.. think things are being buggy…
20 August 2019 17:12
When i install it i get this issue..
works fine with 2.79.
any help would be great thanks.
19 August 2019 09:44
I have read that this can obviously be done with the JSON callback logic node.
I'm wondering if anyone could point me to a very basic learner's version of how to populate new instances of objects from a database?
these assets are mostly square images all the same size,
and a myriad of complex 3D objects.
I'm looking fore scaleability, so i think starting this way would be wise.
19 August 2019 09:37
Hi all, new here!
I have a lot of smooth rounded shapes in my current project.
I'm new to blender in general as of recent, but have been picking it up speedily. (25 yr veteran 3D artist)
I'm wondering if applying subdivision modifiers is necessary before publishing or is it better to leave it would it be more efficient if they subdivide don the fly / as needed in a LOD type way…
Just haven't found any info on this.