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02 November 2015 17:14

I have a problem with the Play Animation node and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I started with the tutorial from Will about animation and I want to implement a kind of popup system.

When I click on the cube a popup comes in with an anim and when I click on the cone I want the popup should go out with another anim.

But I can't get the 2nd animation to play.

Here is my blend file.

Thank you!
30 October 2015 17:56
Great thanks!
29 October 2015 20:54
Hello there!

I would like if there's something I can do to prevent the website to going back at the top when I exit the fullscreen mode of an embedded webplayer?

I will eventually 15 to 20 webplayer embedded and I would prefer if the user wouldn't have to find where he was before he entered fullscreen.

Any idea on how to imlpement that?

Thank you!
29 October 2015 20:35
WHAT!! The Move Camera and Switch Select nodes were exactly what I needed!

How did you know!!
16 October 2015 18:18
Aaaah I was just one snippet away from the answer!

Thank you! ;)

16 October 2015 17:49
Hmmm I have no idea haha. Here's what I did:

Exported the default Blender scene (the cube) using B4W Export JSON
Copied the .json and .bin files in the root folder of my project besides the html file.
Copied b4w_min.js, uranium.js and uranium.js.mem in the same folder (I had an error when not copying uranium.js)
The code in the html is:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="b4w.min.js"></script>
function hello() {
var m_main = b4w.require("main");
var m_data = b4w.require("data");

var canvas_elem = document.getElementById("myCanvas");

<body onload="hello()"><canvas id="myCanvas"></canvas></body>


And I get this when I load the page

16 October 2015 16:40

I've been trying to load a .json scene instead of using the direct html export and I can scene my 3D model but it's really small and there is no interactivity.

Is there something I have to do to enable the same basic functionalities in the .json file as I have in the direct html export? (rotation, zoom, etc..)

07 October 2015 16:55
Now I feel stupid

I'll send you a page a soon as possible for verification.
07 October 2015 03:06
I'll try to do some progress this weekend here we have Thanksgiving in Quebec so it's a 3 days weekend.

After translating the "about" page I can give an estimate based on file size (exluding the release notes).

It will take approximately 1 month if I translate 1 page a day. This said, if _Yadoob_ helps and we consider that we won't do 1 page a day, it might take a bit longer.

One problem: The most time consuming task is to make sure the line isn't longer than 76 character and correct the sentences to respect that constraint, which is probably done automatically when editing po files with an official editor. Editing the files like text files isn't the best solution and I'm open to any suggestion to make things faster.

@_Yadoob_: I suggest each of us choose a set of files (we'll discuss this in emails) and have them reviewed by each other before submitting. I have a Canadian french syntax and I assume you have a France one ;) So it will be good to make sure both it is clear for both dialect.

I also assume that people won't use french version of Blender so I'll keep any technical term in English.

For the Release Notes, we'll wait until the manual is completely covered and maintained before jumping into the translation of the release notes.
06 October 2015 18:31
@_Yadoob_: Tu peux me contacter via email:

Je te ferai part de la façon que je crois être la meilleure pour collaborer et en discutera :)