User posts Juani
07 January 2018 18:14
Hello, just an image ?. With logical nodes?
30 December 2017 13:57
26 December 2017 12:02
Hello, I managed to change the scene but I do not know if it is the most appropriate method.
1. Each scene is a .blend file exported to .json
2. To load the second scene I make a function
3. The function deletes the scenes loaded with the unload () method and loads the new
4. I call the function with the JSCallback node, (this is a personal preference to save me code), when I click on the scenario through a Select node.

If you see it well I can do a small tutorial.
I attach the project.
I would appreciate any help to improve this.
21 December 2017 19:43
Thank you very much Alexander, we clarify the doubt.
19 December 2017 22:42
You can do it in 2 ways.

1. link
2. link
19 December 2017 22:19
I'm sorry I have not gotten it to work and nobody says anything. I do not know if it will be done with several canvases, if I get something I will comment on it here.
19 December 2017 22:16
Hello, the "switch select" node was changed by two nodes, the "select" node makes the "switch select" function and the "switch" node is used to compare variables.
17 December 2017 13:41
Hi, take a look here to see how to put a video texture, then you can scale your object (a plane, a cube, any shape) in an animation being for example (initial frame = scale 0, final frame = scale1)
15 December 2017 08:38
If you do not use Javascript you can do it through animations. You can animate each bone and then launch the animations at your whim.
13 December 2017 22:13
Hi, the problem of the restrictions is that B4W does not support 2 restrictions at the same time, when an object we do child already has 1 restriction and does not support another. I do not know if you necessarily need an "Empty" object, you can directly move the Armor with the Transform object node if you wish.