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28 January 2019 21:42
First contact

23 January 2019 07:56
Make re-export scenes or Export-> Blend4Web (.json)
Every time you modify the blender file you have to re-export scenes.
11 January 2019 23:39
OK, thank you very much Blend4Life
11 January 2019 22:08
I never use close buttons, except for popups. Instead of a close button, how about a link back to the other demos (main page). That makes sense and increases exposure. Also, a reverse link to the game from the main page.

Ok, I'll do it, but I was left with the question of how to close the window that was not opened with (, I tried m_data.unload () but it did not work because the html file remains open. Do you know anything about this?
A million thanks and greetings.
11 January 2019 10:54
Hi Blend4Web, thank you very much for your clarifications, I can not get the window closed, how would you do it?

Why does the computer still draw at 7 points? That seems like a losing strategy to me.

Yes, the PC always tried to reach 7.5 to make it easier to win the user, I just intend to make an interactive example, so I do not waste time in continuing to program the different variables of the game.
07 January 2019 23:41
My simple application

01 December 2018 17:41
Select Dynamic Geometry & Materials for all objects that have dynamic material.
14 November 2018 21:33
It's fantastic, thank you very much.
04 November 2018 19:36
Hello, I have put your html file on a website that I am doing to test it, enter and check that it works perfectly on your android 8.0.
If you want to open the file directly without it being on a server, you must do it with Firefox since Chrome does not allow it.
25 October 2018 22:54
Reply to post of user Blend4Life
Sure, you can use it. That's why I posted the sources. You should give proper credit to the guy who made the dragon model, though.

And add some scenery if you can. It looks very dull with just the dragon.

ok, I love the dragon but I like the fire much more, I will make links to the creators, thank you very much.